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Famous blogger Tom Miller in new made up libel scandal

05.30.09 | 3 Comments

In a quite astonishing and gratuitous attack, Labour blogger Tom Miller, of Tom Miller Labour blogging fame, has wantonly branded the Bickerstaffe Record, along with other trusted blogrades, as ‘off message’.

As a result, Bickerstaffe Record staff are currently scouring the West Lancashire Yellow Pages to see if there are any solicitors who do  absurd libel cases on a no win, no fee basis, and who know where Tom Miller lives.  If there aren’t any, we fully intend to drop the case quietly without telling anyone.

UPDATE: Oh hold on, off that message!

Right, sorry Tom, we didn’t realise you meant that message; we thought you meant the the other one. You know, the one with the socialist values and that.  Sorry about that.  We’ve called off the lawyers.  You’re well used to being accused of stuff you’ve never had anything to do with, so I’m sure you’ll be fine about it. 


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