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07.24.07 | Comment?

The Bickerstaffe Record website is maintained, usually really badly, by me –  Paul Cotterill, the Labour councillor for Bickerstaffe Ward, West Lancashire, England.  It’s the flat green bit between Kirkby and Skelmersdale, and a really nice place to live and sort of work.

I’m a 44 year old bloke with prematurely white hair.  My wife Phil, and children Max (7) and Joe (5) like to make baah-ing noise behid my back when I’ve not had my hair cut for a while, because they think I look like a woolly sheep.

Aeons ago I trained as a nurse and worked in London, Switzerland and then for aid/development agencies in Bangladesh, India and Tanzania.  I came back to the UK in the mid 1990s and I now claim to know a couple of things about things like regeneration, community and social development, local finance initiatives and that kind of thing.

I work in several places and never have enough time for any of them.  I’m doing one of the slowest ever PhDs and am getting to the point when I’m glad it’ll be over.

My favourite book of fiction by a very long way is Franz Kafka’s The Trial, because Franz got the hang of the human condition and wrote it down.  I like old Blues songs by Bessie Smith and her contemporaries because they do the same thing only in English and with music to them.

Is that enough for now?

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